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Hi! I’m your web engineer, For your web software.

PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL, and much more.

With the ever-growing web, everything is online nowadays so you can manage your content, data, and business, sitting in any corner of the world. Every person and location on earth are closer than ever with help of internet. You can sell your products and services in any country without worrying about the hassle of travelings. Applications are able to accept payments with help of payment gateways. You can go anywhere and not have to worry about carrying files and other documents with you. All your documents and files can be scanned and accessed online using various methods of authentication.

As a result of increasing use of the internet, data is growing at a massive rate. Data helps in making strategic decisions critical to your business. Stakes are ever-high as internet applications provide a crucial role in your business growth. Your application and data need more efficient handling, processing, and security from prying eyes on the internet.

Having said that, your web application needs special care, you need expert professionals who are dedicated to your work. These are scientists who handle your software with much care like a fragile piece of crystal glass without putting any cracks. They are eager to solve your technical problems and able to suggest some out-of-the-box solutions for your tech needs. Fortunately, you have just encountered a real that one kind of guy. Yeah, that’s me!! I am your WEB ENGINEER….

Don’t believe me? Let’s spare some time to have a look at my profile:

  • Programming Languages

    PHP, JavaScript, ES6, SQL, HTML, CSS

  • Frameworks

    Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, OpenCart, WordPress, jQuery, React, Vue

  • Technologies

    REST APIs, Linux/Windows servers, GIT, AWS (Amazon EC2 Web Services, Elastic Load balancer sites, Database Clusters, CDN, S3 Buckets), GCE (Google Cloud Engines, VM Instances), MemCache, E-Commerce, CRM

Let’s get into touch on my Twitter. Promise, you won’t be bored